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I decided it was time to create something a little different for all of you who truly enjoy music.
For 70+ minutes I simply change instrumentals every 8 bars and mix, cut & scratch accapellas from a wide variety of music all the way through.  I guarantee there's something there for everyone and that it's not like anything you've heard before.

So please enjoy and feel free to let me know what y'all think!

One last the title explains, I used nothing but my 2 1200 technics turntables, 1 Numark CDX & Pro Tools 10.2 - nothing tricks, cheating or any other software either...all with my 2 hands and creativity!

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RIP 02 - Gangstarr Tribute

Gangstarr Tribute

One of my all time favorite MC's passed away last year and in his honour I decided to pay respects to his legacy with a collection of some of his best tracks and hits.  RIP to the best 3 minute song maker ever...

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RIP 01 - Heavy D Tribute

RIP to the Overweight Lover!

I decided to dedicate a 1 hour tribute to the man himself, Heavy D.

I grew up listening to his tracks and up until this day, he's one of the few artists that had both commercial and underground appeal and was appreciated by all. 

He will be missed and therefore, I felt it was necessary to honor him, the best way I know how.

RIP - Heavy D.

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